PROGtography | About
PROGtography is the home to the Progressive Rock Concert Photography of Robert "PROGtographer" Wolf. I have been a fan of progressive rock music since the age of 10 and a photography hobbyist since the age of 6.

During the early 90's I started a mail order progressive rock catalog utilizing the old AOL, Prodigy and Compuserve music chat rooms. I expended further by setting up booths at Record Trade Shows from Boston to North Carolina to play and sell old and new progressive bands to an eager audience. That eventually led to the launch of InEarVisions Music Label and the release of 4 CD's in 1995-97 as well as 2 produced but never released albums.

I have been actively taking concert pictures for the last 10 years and have an art approach to my photos. There are no rules when it comes to framing a subject or experimenting with exposure and shutter speeds for effect. I actively work with Progressive Rock bands and musicians and know for most this is a labor of love and not something they are able to do as their full time career. That is why I will often donate photos of their performances to them for their use in DVD, CD, web and print materials. is an effort to store and present my photos in a secure and professional environment, work more closely with the artists and help to further promote festivals like RoSFest, NearFest, ProgDay, NJ ProgHouse, Cruise To the Edge and other festivals around the world that are critical to keeping the live scene for Progressive music ALIVE!